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TX-50™ Reloading Press
The industry’s only auto-indexing, progressive reloading press designed to load up to
.50 BMG. The TX-50™ can be setup to load .50 cal base cartridges (i.e., .50 BMG,   .510
DTC,  .460 Steyr, .416 Barrett) or another specific caliber with a Large Rifle Primer (LRP)
system (i.e., .338 Lapua Mag, .408 CheyTac, .577-450 Martini-Henry, 45-120 Sharps, 50-
140, Winchester '76 calibers, and belted magnum calibers).
The RCBS QCHC powder measure is case-activated and drops over 50 charges of up
to 250 grains before refilling.  The available shell feeder feeds up to 20 shell casings
per minute.
The 7” stroke of the TX-50™ handles even the longest possible overall length.  Use
any standard 1-1/2” dies, or use reducer bushings to enable the press to accept down
to 7/8” dies.  All parts are easily removed for cleaning. The press is incredibly solid
when mounted to a sturdy bench with the TX-50™ bench stands. Other caliber
conversion kits are available for an extra charge.
Exceptional quality, aerospace tolerances, and numerous design innovations ensure
consistent and accurate loading.  There's no twist in the shaft, no flex in the
shellplate, and absolutely no compromise on quality.  The TX-50™ size brass using the
correct lube with less effort than any other reloader because of its superior design.  
The adjustable primer punch enables primer seating depth to be set to your
specification. The uniquely engineered safety design of the primer shuttle means the
days of setting off primers in the reloading press are a thing of the past.  
The TX-50™ is machined from the highest grade metal billets to ensure years of
flawless precision loading without corrosion.  
Lifetime warranty.
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* Large Rifle Primer (LRP)
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